Advantages of the bike in the city

Using a bike in the city it is more and more popular. Different cities around the world have encouraged the use of this type of vehicle. Although they are far from replacing cars, it is necessary to know the advantages they have over cars and motorcycles.
By using it as a means of transportation you exercise at the same time that you move around the city. It is ideal for traveling short and medium distances quickly, as well as meaning significant savings for your pocket and taking care of the environment.
If it is also electric, there will be no slope to stop you!


  1. good for your health

Riding an electric bike to go to work or for a walk will force you to be outdoors and, although it may not seem like it, to play sports. These two factors not only positively affect your health, but will also make you a happier and more joyful person.

Definitely,the electric bike are all advantages!

  1. good for the planet

The electric bicycle hardly emits carbon dioxide (CO2), one of the gases that has the greatest negative impact on the dreaded greenhouse effect.

For this reason, if you start using the electric bicycle as your usual means of transport to move around the city, you will not only contribute to improving your physical condition, but you will also be helping to reduce the CO2 emitted to the planet and, therefore, contributing to the environmental conservation.

The emissions produced by cycling could be up to 30 times lower on each trip than the trips made in cars powered by fossil fuels, and about ten times less than the trips made by electric cars.

  1. good for your pocket

The electric bicycle is, without a doubt, the most economical means of transport with a motor that exists. The car, per kilometer, is seven times more expensive and public transport, three.

Let's take our electric bicycle as an example. BK-16. In addition, we will take as reference a fixed electricity rate.

  • Battery: 6.4 Ah
  • Voltage: 36V
  • Autonomy: 50 kilometers
  • Current price of energy: 0.13236 ? kWh
  • Battery capacity in Wh: 6.4 Ah x 36 V = 230.4 Wh/1000 = 0.2304 kWh

Assuming that you use the electric bicycle about 13 kilometers a day, 7 days a week, you would only have to charge it about 95 times a year, so its cost would be as follows:

0,1324 ?/kWh x 0.2304 kWh = 0.0305?/charge

If we want to calculate how much it would cost you per year, we just have to multiply it by 4: 0.0305? per charge x 95 charges per year = 2.8975?/year

Taking into account that this is a simple estimate, if you use the electric bicycle almost daily making a relatively intensive use of it, it would cost you almost 3? year.

  1. It is the fastest means of transportation in the city

The electric bicycle has been shown to be the fastest means of transportation in town. Many cities have bike lanes, you can avoid traffic, traffic jams and unnecessary stops to get to your destination faster. Up to 25 km/h with the help of the engine.

  1. A safe way to move

The risk of suffering a fatal bicycle accident in the city is very low, since, according to the report on Trends in mobility and accidents on urban roads published by the DGT, "in 2019 519 people died on urban roads: 247 pedestrians, 240 vehicle occupants and 32 cyclists?.

We always recommend you to follow the basic security measures: respect the safety distance or always wear a helmet and lights, to reduce the risk of accidents.

  1. They are an interesting investment

The initial investment may seem high, but compared to the purchase price of a car or motorcycle it is much less. The durability of electric bicycles is prolonged since the electrical components practically do not suffer wear. Also, with minimal maintenance and basic care, you can enjoy your e-bike for many years.

  1. For any age and physical condition

It is one of the great advantages of electric bicycles: power regulate your effort. What one day you feel motivated and want to use your electric bike to do a more demanding physical exercise? You just have to disable the engine.

Instead, if at any time you feel tired, hit a slope or just have a little more speed, activate the engine and it will be as if you were flying. You'll be at your destination in no time and fresh as a rose.

  1. It is easy and economical to maintain

It must be taken into account that the materials electric bikes are maintenance free: a single annual review is more than enough to keep it in perfect condition. In addition, the revision of an electric bicycle is infinitely cheaper than that of a car or a motorcycle. We have our own technical service.

  1. You will not need to look for parking

One of the most practical advantages of an electric bicycle is that you no longer need to worry about the parking. You will always find a designated space to park your bike near your destination. You may even be able to enter with it folded. our model BK-16 It's super easy to fold and fits under a table! The model BK14Although it is not collapsible, it is easy to get into an elevator.

  1. Cities are increasingly adapted

Little by little, in the cities they are building dedicated bike lanes that cover the most important parts of the city. In Barcelona either Madrid, there are more and more kilometers of exclusive or shared bike lanes to make commuting by bike more comfortable and easy. In Barcelona, for example, some 20 kilometers of bike lanes were built last year. Currently, the city has a 231 kilometer network (Madrid, 130km and Paris, 700km). In addition, you will discover new itineraries and corners that you did not know.

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