Christmas and the dreaded gifts are coming... and sometimes we get so overwhelmed that we don't know what to give. Year after year doing the same thing and now you want to find something different. We know this and that is why we have prepared a list that will help you decide. If you wanted to buy different gifts with which to surprise and get out of trouble this Christmas, you cannot miss this article. Whether it is an invisible friend or your Christmas gifts, take a look at these 7 ideas that we have prepared for you.


If you have to make a gift for a good friend or you are looking for a gift for this invisible friend, one of our smartwatches or smart bracelets may be your solution. A smartwatch can be the perfect gift for your sports friend or for that person who wants to always stay connected. At swiss+go you will find different models that will fit what you are looking for this Christmas.


We are sure that you have to give to whom you have to give this Christmas some headphones can be the perfect gift. At swiss+go we have the right headphones for sports lovers, walkers and for those who can't live without listening to their favorite music all the time. This Christmas swiss+go helps you better than anyone with your gift!


If your gift this year is for a person who loves to always bring the party with him or her, we have the ideal gift. With one of our speakers you can listen to high quality music with incredible sound. This Christmas look no further because with our speakers you will get the gift you have been waiting for.


One of our star products this Christmas are our ebikes. Can you imagine finding one of our models under the Christmas tree? With our BK-14 or BK-16 you will have a great gift for that person who needs to move around the city and does not have their own vehicle, since this is the perfect way to move quickly and comfortably anywhere: to work, to school, to go home... Our BK-16 can be folded and you can take it with you on the train or take it with you in the car so you can park where you want and get to work calmly... All are advantages! If you wanted to get a good gift this Christmas, you should definitely choose one of our electric bicycles. You can also customize them to your liking.


The ideal gift for a photography lover? Definitely one of our tripods. With them, the excuses for not being able to take the most impressive photos from anywhere are over. Portable, fully foldable, lightweight tripods... you will find the one that is closest to the tastes of that special person. Whether you have to make a gift for your boyfriend, girlfriend, mother or father, if photography is his thing, we are sure that with these tripods you will be sure to hit the mark.


We are clear about the gift with which you will be able to surprise this Christmas: an analog camera. Regardless of the age of the person you have to give this year, do not miss out on the opportunity to offer the experience of taking photographs as they were done in the past: blur, vintage effect... Give the gift of nostalgia this Christmas!


A practical gift for this Christmas can certainly be one of our alarm clocks. If one of your Christmas traditions is to wake up with enthusiasm on Three Kings Day, what better way to do it than by opening your new swiss+go alarm clock. You can choose between our two models: alarm clock with charger function or wooden alarm clock, which will give a warmer touch to your home.

We hope these ideas help you decide this Christmas. We hope you find what you are looking for: surprising gifts, original gifts, inexpensive gifts, technological gifts, different gifts, vintage gifts, gifts with the latest technology... you can find everything at swiss+go.

We hope you have a Merry Christmas!

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