swiss+go BK-14 Electric bicycle + Ciclofair Pack


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swiss+go BK-14 Electric bicycle + Ciclofair Pack


We want to celebrate our presence at Cicloferia! How? We have thrown the house out the window and we have created a LIMITED pack for you.

Electric bicycle + Cicloferia Pack:

Limited Time.

SWISS+GO BK-14 Electric Bicycle

This item sells fast!

Civil liability insurance for electric bicycle (1 Year)
Customize your BK-16/BK-14 ebike (coupon)
swiss+go Apolo Open Ear bluetooth stereo headset

This item sells fast!

swiss+go Bern smartwatch
swiss+go Bern Smartwatch

This item sells fast!

swiss+go ZM115 Bicycle rear light

5 in stock

5 in stock

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swiss+go BK-14 Electric bicycle + Ciclofair Pack

¿Estabas pensando en comprarte una bicicleta eléctrica? Con todo lo que incluye Ciclosferia Pack se te acabaron las excusas:

  • swiss+go BK 14 Bicicleta eléctrica
  • Seguro responsabilidad civil para bicicleta eléctrica (1 año)
  • Personalización de tu e-bike BK-14 (cupón)
  • swiss+go Apolo Open Ear bluetooth stereo headset
  • swiss+go Bern Smartwatch
  • swiss+go ZM115 Luz trasera para bicicletas

La eBike BK-14 de swiss+go es una bicicleta eléctrica pedelec de movilidad urbana. De estructura robusta, perfecta para desplazarse en la ciudad. Con un motor de 250W y batería de litio de 36V que te permitirá recorrer hasta 50 Km* y alcanzar hasta 25 Km/h* cumpliendo la normativa de la DGT.

Thanks to the easy handling of the eBike, its 14-inch wheels and its adjustable seat you can enjoy a comfortable ride. Its rear, front and front light disc brakes will give you all the security you need when moving around.

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swiss+go BK-14 Urban bike

Stand up whenever you want

Disc brakes so that stopping is a decision, not a problem.

Aluminum frame

The aluminum chassis is strong and lightweight. The bike ready to roll only weighs 17.5kg. And by removing the folding mechanisms we have also removed weight.

With or without help. You choose.

Choose from 3 levels of help. Or deactivate it if you have the day motivated. The display includes information such as: distance, time, light status or remaining battery. Although that will not worry you much ...

Take one ride around the city

Or two. Why with up 50km of autonomy, you are able to cross Madrid or Barcelona 2 times with a single charge.

Fast and comfortable

Up to 25km / h with the help of the motor. A little more if you hit the pedals. And with the rear suspension, you don't worry about bumps.

Luggage carrier

¡Adiós a las mochilas pegadas a la espalda en verano! Una alforja, una mochila o lo que quieras... ¡Esta bici puede con todo!

Approved engine

With a 250W motor, it is approved as a “pedelec”. You can ride in the same places as a conventional bike. But without getting tired.

14 "wheels

Stable and with a perfect grip on asphalt. Or on land. Because it comes equipped with 1.95 ”mixed chambers.

Ergonomic seat

The seat is adjustable up to 980mm and has a central channel to release pressure from the perineum.

Led lights

To see and be seen. The powerful front led light is connected to the battery, so you can forget about it until dark.

Integrated luggage rack

You can put some saddlebags, or carry a larger package on top. This bike can do it all!

Take her on the elevator

You can fold the handlebar, lower the saddle and place it vertically in a narrow lift. Not without my bike!

swiss+go BK-14 Urban bike