swiss+go PT016 Z Electric Scooter | 8,5 ″ wheels | 350W motor | 7.5A battery


  • 350W motor
  • 7.5 A battery
  • Solid rear suspension honeycomb wheels
  • Rear disc brake
  • Long range light

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Swiss+go PT016 Z Electric Scooter | 8,5 ″ wheels | 350W motor | 7.5A battery | Solid honeycomb wheels | rear suspension | rear disc brake | Long range light

The Swiss+Go PT016 Z electric scooter is the perfect means of transportation for traveling around the city. Manufactured with a lightweight aluminum alloy chassis, relatively small and easy to fold. It is perfect for traveling by train, subway or bus and completing the journey back home, to the city center or to work avoiding traffic jams.

It travels up to 30 km * on a single charge and reaches a speed of up to 25 km / h. 36V 7.5 Ah battery. 350W motor. Solid 8.5 ”anti-puncture honeycomb wheels. The ride will be more comfortable with its rear shock absorbers. A complete center console. Bluetooth connection with smartphone.

In addition, with its double brake system; electronic and disc, you can brake safely and effectively.