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Frequent questions

What is this type of insurance?

What is it and where can I find the VIN?

The frame number It is a factory identification number of the Electric Bicycle, it is engraved on the bottom of the Electric Bicycle frame.

What is insured?

Electric scooters:


  • Civil liability.
  • Defense of the insured.
  • Legal protection of the skater.


Basic coverage:

  • Civil liability.
  • Travel Assistance.
  • Defense of the insured.
  • Legal protection of the cyclist.

Optional coverages:

  • Personal assistance.
  • Personal accidents:
  • Death.
  • Permanent disability.
  • Medical and pharmaceutical expenses.
  • Hospitalization expenses.
  • Personal accidents exclusively of traffic with intervention of motor vehicles.
  • Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.
  • Damage and Theft of the Bicycle.
What is not insured?

Main exclusions applicable to any coverage:
Damages resulting from:

  • Intentionality or bad faith of the insured.
  • Civil war, strike, riot, popular uproar, or terrorism.
  • Earthquakes, floods, and other extraordinary phenomena.
  • Stoppage of river, sea, rail and / or air transport, as well as its facilities and services.
  • Events occurring outside of cycling activity.
  • Damages occurring where the use of bicycles is not authorized as well as their improper use.
  • Profitable use of the bicycle in commercial activity. 
  • Professional activity, official sports events, acrobatic exercise or show.
  • Incidents whose coverage corresponds to the "Insurance Compensation Consortium".
  • Damage covered by compulsory insurance.
  • Neither are other specific facts of each coverage insured, among which the following stand out: 
    • In the general Civil Liability coverage:
      • The practice of any other type of sport and / or sports practice other than cycling. 
    • In Travel Assistance coverage:
      • Medical, surgical and hospitalization expenses in
      • Rescue in sea or desert.
      • In case of transfer or repatriation of the deceased: burial and ceremony expenses.
Are there restrictions on coverage?
  • The contractable Guarantees all have a Maximum Limit of Indemnification.
  • Burial expenses for children under 14 or over 70 are limited to 3,000 euros.
  • If the insurance contractor moved his residence outside of Spanish territory, the coverage would be extinguished.
  • Free choice lawyer / attorney fees limit 3,000 euros.
  • In the event of Damage and / or Theft of the bicycle, the Insured will be responsible for the following amounts:
    • 1st year 20% of the amount of the claim, minimum € 100.
    • 2nd successive year 10% of the amount of the claim, minimum € 100.
      In case of theft of the bicycle, maximum compensation: € 150.
  • For damages occurred outside the territory of the European Union, the compensation limit will not be understood to be released from any deduction for judicial or extrajudicial expenses, for or that defense expenses added to the
    compensation, may not exceed the Insured Indemnity Limit.
What are my obligations?
  • Return the signed insurance contract to AXA Seguros and pay its price.
  • For the acceptance of the risk and the issuance of the insurance contract, you are obliged to accurately declare the information requested to assess the risk.
  • During the term of the insurance contract, you must inform us in writing of any modification of the information that we have requested when contracting the insurance, as well as the existence of other insurances that guarantee any of the
    benefits of this policy.
  • In case of incident:
    • You must notify us as soon as possible, within a maximum period of seven days, providing all kinds of information about the circumstances and consequences. 
    • You must use all the means at your disposal to reduce the results of the claim.
When and how do I have to make payments?

The contractor is obliged to pay the price of the insurance at the time of contracting.

The payments of successive annuities must be made effective on the corresponding maturities, and their payment in installments may be agreed by direct debit.

When does coverage start and end?

The entry into force of the contract will begin and end, except for an extension, on the date and time indicated in the particular conditions, as long as the first receipt has been paid.

How can I terminate the contract?

The contractor may oppose the extension of the contract by notifying the insurer in writing with a minimum notice of one month at the end of the current period.

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