Back to work (on ebike)

It is time to go back to work (or to the university, to school…). The end of the holidays, or the return to face-to-face means new (old) routines: commuting to the place of work or study. SIf you don't want to use public transport, the electric bicycle is your best ally.

We leave you a few keys for a safe return:


  1. Private transport = safe transport

As the vaccination process progresses, security measures have been relaxed. But everything indicates that in closed places and with public capacity (transport, commerce...) masks are going to be necessary for a while. The electric bicycle allows you to move around the city without carrying it, while we are in contact with the outdoors and exercise.

  1. My bike, my schedule

With a couple of days you will have calculated the necessary travel time. By bike, journeys rarely change their duration, since you are not at the expense of traffic jams, schedules or capacity. In addition, the bike is one of the fastest ways to get around, since you don't have waiting times or parking.

  1. ebikes are cheap

The electric bicycle has a relatively low purchase price (compared to a motorcycle, for example) and minimal maintenance costs: compared to a traditional bicycle, you only have to add the cost of electricity, which can be around 4?/year (you can see the calculations in our post)

  1. The bike is the means of transport of the future (which comes from the past)

Although bikes have been in use for many years, they had fallen out of favor in large cities in favor of motorized vehicles. In less developed countries they are still the majority. In northern European countries, they have continued to be common transport, and in recent years Europe has been promoting their re-implementation as a measure to curb pollution in large cities. In a few years we will see more restrictions on private transport - especially the most polluting and the growth of parking lots, bike lanes...

In Barcelona, for example, many streets have become zone 30, which equates the speed of the electric bicycle with that of the motor vehicle, while making the streets safer.

  1. Observe municipal regulations

Although traffic regulations are common, there may be variations in municipal regulations. Consult those of your municipality (here you can consult those of Barcelona Y Madrid)

As a general rule:

  • Doorbell and lights are required. It is advisable to bring some reflective element
  • The helmet, although it is only mandatory for children under 16 years of age or on interurban roads, is absolutely recommended. You can buy one here or we'll give it to you if reserve an ebike now). In Madrid it is mandatory for children under 16 and "riders" since summer 2021
  • Drive on the permitted roads and respect other users and pedestrians
  • Park in authorized areas and without disturbing. In some cities it is forbidden to tie the bike to street furniture such as streetlights and traffic lights. Although with our folding ebike you won't need...
  1. Take care of your bike: it's easy

Although they do not require much maintenance, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • Keep an eye on your tires: the wheels are your point of contact with the asphalt. Change them when they wear out and maintain the correct pressure (did you know that bicycles with small wheels carry twice the pressure of one with a large wheel?). You can control the pressure with this pump with pressure gauge 
  • grease the chain
  • Check the brake pads and change them when necessary
  • Retighten bolts regularly

Remember that you can send us the BK-14 and BK-16 bikes to our technical service!

  1. ebikes: goodbye excuses

It's just that the climate... it's that the slopes... it's that I sweat in summer... The Nordic countries have a much harsher climate than we do. In winter you have to bundle up, but just as if we were on foot: when we pedal we warm up and it is enough to wear a good raincoat, poncho or similar... even some waterproof pants. 

Electric bicycles have eliminated two barriers at the stroke of a pen: by not having to make efforts, you will no longer arrive sweaty at the office in summer. And on the other hand, if your city or neighborhood has hills, the power of the motor together with the pedaling allows you to climb hills effortlessly

Remember that if you have more questions, you can consult our section of frequent questions, and if you want to make the switch to electric mobility, you can reserve your bike now at a special price!


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