Types of headphones, the definitive guide

If you have considered buying headphones, you have surely seen that there are more types than you thought. If you are wondering:What types of headphones are there? What are the differences between each type of headphones? either What headphones do I need?, in this articleand we help to solve all the doubts.

What types of headphones are there?

Although there are many ways to classify the types of headphones, you must first know how to distinguish between headband headphones, in-ear headphones, or open ear headphones. 

Headband Headphones:

Also known as helmets, they can be divided according to their size:

    • Circumaural: These surround the ear and are larger. An example of this type of headphones are the SWISS+GO HP001BT
    • Supraaural: These rest on the ear and are smaller. An example of this type of headphones are the SWISS+GO PROSOUND PS400B.

or according to your structure:

    • Open: Allow the entry and exit of external sound
    • Closed: They block external sounds and do not allow them to enter or exit. 

In Ear Headphones:

Also known as hearing aids or IEMs, they are inserted into the ear and are much smaller in size than on-ear headphones. In addition, they do not need to rest on the head. 

Open Ear Headphones:

Possibly the least known, Open Ear headphones are those that are placed close to the ear canal without covering the ear in a way that allows listening to the sounds environmental. This is achieved through aerial conduction technology. An example of this type of headphones are the Apollo Open Ear.


Air conduction technology is an innovative way to reproduce sound without covering the eardrums or ear canal.

There is another great feature that classifies these headphones depending on your connection: wired headphones or wireless headphones. 

    • Wired Headphones: A cable connects the headphones to the player device, which is usually a smartphone, computer or tablet.
    • Wireless headphones: Those headphones that connect via Bluetooth. Lately, wireless headphones with TWS (True Wireless Stereo) technology stand out, wireless headphones that work without any cables. A good example are the Earbuds HS 99.

Besides, there are many other ways to classify wireless headphones, for example by type of activity, whether it is for sports, work, gaming, etc. 

What headphones do I need?

When considering which headphones to buy, you need to consider what you want to use them for. If you value freedom of movement more, you will definitely need wireless headphones. If you prefer them to be for sports, you should look for sweat-resistant headphones. Fortunately, the range of headphones is very wide. You won't have any problem finding the headphones that best suit your needs!


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