An important date is coming up and at swiss+go we have everything ready so you don't leave mom without a gift. We know that you are tired of expensive gifts and that they never manage to conquer your mother. We have heard you and have prepared special offers on many of our products so that you have no excuse.

Our mothers do everything for us since we are born and that is why it is important to have a detail with them and thank them, (as we should do every day), for everything they have done for us.

We assume that you need gift ideas for this Mother's Day so... here they go! Very attentive because we started!

swiss+go Apollo open ear

With these headphones you will get the ultimate gift for Mother's Day. If your mother likes to listen to music while doing sports or while she is at home but does not want to disconnect from the outside world, this is the perfect gift for her. They have a "free ear" design that will allow you to listen to the highest quality audio and make calls without isolating the outside ambient sound.

We are not exaggerating: the effect and the quality of its sound is incredible. It will seem unbelievable to you to be listening that way and not missing anything that happens around you: clear and balanced sound, without the need to cover the eardrums or the ear canal.

We know that sometimes it can be difficult to find a different gift for Mother's Day, but we are sure that this is one of them. If your mother is a friend of technological gifts, you have to get them!

swiss+go HS-99 Earbuds Sports Headphones

Gifts for an athlete mother? If your mom is a hobbyist she needs these headphones. Now you won't need excuses to start the bikini operation because with music, sport is always much more bearable. They are specially designed to practice intense sports comfortably and without the headphones falling out. They are resistant to water and sweat and have an ideal cover to store and transport them. Recharge your headphones without having to connect them to the mains while you're not using them!

swiss+go Zurich Smartwatch rose gold aluminum body

You were looking for the perfect gift for Mother's Day and at swiss+go we have it prepared for you. With this smartwatch your mother will proudly show off her son!

This Zurich smart watch will accompany you throughout the day and night. With its ultralight design and interchangeable straps, it is ideal to wear during the day, for sports and for sleeping. Your mother will be able to track her health such as her heart rate, daily steps, her sleep quality and manage her training sessions. This watch combines a sporty style with the elegance of its rose gold color. We are sure that your mother will love this gift.

swiss+go Arosa smartwatch silver dial white strap

Gifts for a mother who likes technology? With this gift you have it all in one: design and elegance while enjoying all the advantages of technology. With this smartwatch your mother will enjoy multiple functions such as monitoring her physical activity.

Does your mother play sports? Whatever yours, this is your watch. Whether it's hiking, cycling, running... with it you can get the most out of your training sessions. It also has a 1.3-inch IPS color touch screen, incoming call reminders, control of daily activity and sleep quality, display of emails, calendar events, activity on social networks... and many other functions without losing the elegance and sophistication provided by its design. Celebrate Mother's Day with this smartwatch for mom!

Smart Bracelet swiss+go leather

If you prefer a simpler gift for Mother's Day, this smart bracelet is made for you. Give mom the possibility of synchronizing her bracelet with her smartphone to get the most out of her daily life: record steps, calories burned, heart rate... Activate sport mode and record data during the session. In addition, receive notifications of messages, emails, inactivity alerts, reminders to drink water... if you were looking for a cheap gift for Mother's Day to make her happy, this is definitely your best option

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