Every Friday, June 3, World Bicycle Day is celebrated. On this day we try to emphasize the importance of this medium as an alternative to others that are much more polluting, and that is that the use of the bicycle is a great step towards living on a more sustainable planet.

Helping to reduce the high levels of pollution that affect our planet should be one of our priorities, today more than ever. If you are concerned about the environmental situation, surely you have already thought about buying a bicycle or an ebike. This is usually the most common and practical alternative way to go to work and move around the city. Replacing it with our car can be a great relief for the pollution and climate change that our planet is experiencing, especially in large cities, since they are the largest generators of waste (hence the attempt to promote more electric bicycles in these places).

In swiss+go we wanted to help with ebikes accessible to everyone without losing sight of the quality of the product. We knew that many people who went to work every morning were forced to use the car with all the bad things that this entails: excessive traffic, high gasoline prices, more pollution, parking problems... there was a clear solution: electric bicycles with those to go to work or with which to get better to public transport.

On this World Bicycle Day we want to remind you that it is very important that, if you recognize yourself in the situation described, you begin your change towards more sustainable mobility. With an electric bike your daily walks will be covered: going to work every day, going to the supermarket, taking the children to school... with it your urban walks will be agile, safe and much easier because you won't have the same parking problems than the ones you would have if you had to take your car.

Already with the arrival of covid 19, a large increase in this vehicle was observed due to fear of contagion in excessively crowded public means of transport and both its purchase and its use began to be promoted.

How much can an electric bike cost? Contrary to what you may think, starting your experience with an electric bicycle does not have to mean an assault on your pocket. Many people stop their purchase when they see their prices but in swiss+go We have affordable alternatives for your situation (consult our special packs).

What benefits do our electric bikes have?

  • Move at your leisure: do not depend on schedules. With your electric bike you will have the freedom you have always wanted.
  • Can't do without the car to go to work? We have the perfect combination: Imagine getting to work at the time you want because you don't have to worry about parking: you can park as far as you want and get to work with your electric bike comfortably.
  • Take it on the train: and on the bus, and on the subway... remember that with our BK-16 you will be able to transport it more easily because it is completely foldable, so take your ebike on the public transport you use and use it to reach your destination
  • How long does an electric bike battery last? with our bikes you can take a good ride (or two): With up to 50 km of autonomy, it gives you to cross Madrid or Barcelona 2 times on a single charge
  • Do not stop: At swiss+go we have as an absolute priority that our components have absolute quality and an excellent technical service, so that you never stop.
  • Save: charge your electric bike at home just like you would with your smartphone. A full charge will only cost you about €0.03.

Don't think about it anymore this world bicycle day and enter the wonderful world of electric mobility at the hands of swiss+go.

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