Sustainable mobility

Mobility in the city is a right, but the model needs to be sustainable. The bicycle is a very good solution.

According to him world Bank 54% of the planet's inhabitants live in cities and the UN estimates that in the year 2050 a 66% will be reached. This increase in population density has consequences.

Air quality and pollution is one of the most important. If urgent measures are not taken to stop and repair the damage caused to the environment, our health will be increasingly threatened. The UN flagship annual report Environment warns that millions of premature deaths will occur by mid-century in cities and regions of Asia, the Middle East and Africa, if environmental protections are not drastically increased.

Citizens also have the right to health, the right to live in a healthy and uncontaminated environment. That is, not to get sick because of our environment.

Most of the greenhouse gas emissions emitted in the European Union come from urban transport.

On average, a family has between 1 and 2 cars and usually uses them with only one passenger per journey. This generates a great consumption of energy and emission of toxic gases for each trip.

Nor should we forget about traffic jams ... Cities are saturated with cars and we lose a lot of time trapped and stressed, losing quality of life. And it is that most cities in developed countries are based on achieving fluidity for road traffic. We live in cities designed for vehicles and not for their inhabitants.

The city model tends to change: they must be for people and with alternative and sustainable ways to get around. Improving public transport, encouraging the use of bicycles and the creation of adapted lanes and pedestrianized spaces are the ways to achieve this.

In recent years, a very significant increase in the use of bicycles and scooters has been detected in cities, 1,000,000 people in Spain after the pandemic.

We are not going to invent the wheel by insisting on the benefits of using the bicycle as an element of urban transport. It is sustainable, very energy efficient, avoids traffic jams, it is healthy, silent; It is the fastest means of transport in the city, stressful… and also fun (even more so if it is electric)!

Together we can improve health in cities and increase the quality of life for all. In sustainable mobility is the key. From SwissGO, we want to help you and do your bit to the cause: two models of electric bicycle so that you can move around the city in a safe, pleasant and comfortable way: BK16 Y BK14

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